Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Bunny Love

A year ago we ventured into bunny ownership.  The Kindergarten class I was working in had a class bunny named Lily.  Someone needed to take Lily home on weekends and that was the start of our Bunny Love.  We decided to get Lily a companion and got our sweet little Cookie (Cookies 'n Cream). 
Unfortunately there was a dog attack.  Lily was killed and Cookie's feet were chewed up.  My poor little Cookie.  We brought her in the house and nursed her back to health.  For a long time we didn't think she'd make it and then our cat started laying with her and keeping her company, and that's when we started to see a change in Cookie.  When I got a call from a friend needing a home for some of her bunnies we decided it would be the perfect opportunity to get a new friend for Cookie.  When we got to her house we saw Juliet, who had been picked on by some of the other bunnies. 

She gets a little nervous and likes to hide in their little den.

We took her home and they have become the best of friends.  They're always nibbling on and grooming each other. 

It's like it was meant to be.

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